Hyde Creek Education Centre & Hatchery


The Hyde Creek Education Centre and Hatchery includes historical displays of the Hyde Creek watershed, a fish culture display with live fish from the creek and its tributaries, and a teaching classroom to educate the general public on stewardship values. The grounds are naturescaped so that they, too, are a part of the education facility.

Click on the image below to see views of the upstairs Education Centre.

The Centre is comprised of four main components:

- A small-scale, fully operational fish hatchery that raises approximately 40,000 Coho and 5,000 Chum per season
- A classroom for tours and programs
- Interpretive grounds with native plants that demonstrate the benefits of “Naturescaping” practices
- An off-channel rearing and demonstration pond


An initiative started in 2008 to have all four external walls of the hatchery covered in murals that depicted local riparian and watershed scenes is now complete. With our requirement that each wall represented the changing vistas of one of the four seasons, Vancouver artist Kim Hunter has created landscapes so real that visiting school children and adults alike are amazed. When you look at the photos below, we think you will agree!

As of August 2011, all four walls now depict local Fall, Summer, Spring and Winter vistas - thanks Kim!!  Special thanks to Westminster Savings  for sponsoring our Fall Mural; to VanTelSafeway  for sponsoring our Summer Mural; and to a kind Anonymous Donor  who sponsored our Spring and Winter Murals. Click here for a YouTube video of Kim designing and painting our Winter wall!

July 2012 Kim completed our last mural, which is in the stairwell to our upstairs Education Centre classroom. We are currently looking for a sponsor for this mural depicting our interaction with the school children and salmon release. Contact us for more information on sponsoring this mural.

The existing mural walls have been integrated as an extremely valuable aid in our school and community group education programs. Dedicated volunteers developed question work sheets, so our visitors can find and identify native fish, animals and birds along with fauna and flora depicted on each mural. The murals have proven to be very effective educational tools with our school and other group visitors.

Click on the image below for views of the building and surrounding area onsite.