The Hyde Creek Watershed Society operates a small scale Salmon Hatchery that collects Chum and Coho eggs.  The Chum eggs are collected for the DFO Salmonids in the Classroom Program where the eggs are hatched in local school classrooms by students for educational purposes.  The Coho eggs are collected to repopulate Hyde Creek and the associated watershed on Burke Mountain.

Click on the image below for views of the hatchery

We collect spawning Chum and Coho Salmon between mid October and mid December from nearby Hyde Creek.  When we have enough eggs for one of several egg takes, we take the eggs from the females and milt from the males and then mix them together before putting them into egg trays in the egg room.   We regulate the water (creek or well) flowing over the eggs as well as the temperature of the water.  After about three months, the eggs hatch and the young fish are placed in the troughs.  When the outside pond is empty of the young Coho from the previous year, we then place these young fish into the pond.  Once again, we have clipped the fins on about 6,500 young Coho so that they can be identified as our hatchery fish when they come back in two or three years.

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