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New Predator Net Installation

June 17th 2017

A new net was installed over the new wiring.

(Right) members helping with installation of new netting.  

(middle-down) The little girl picked up most of the float metallic paper that got left on the ground.   She’s the niece of members Melissa and granddaughter of Dave.

Pond Pruning

June 16th 2017

In preparation for the net set up on Saturday members cut down interfering vegetation

Coho Fry Release 


June 13/14 2017

Evening releases of the Coho Fry were done on June 9 into Partington Creek,  June 13 into Hyde and Smiling Creeks and June 14th into Cedar and Watkins Creeks. 

4 new visitors joined our members.    Interestedresidents watched and asked many questions.  A few curious children were keen to see the fry in the travel tank. 

May 25 2017

RBC Help with Smolt Release.  Thanks to Serena, George and Jen for helping us move salmon smolts from the rearing pond to mouth of Hyde Creek.  Due to summer drying sections of the creek in recent years, smolts are not released at the hatchery.

May 25 2017

Predator Netting - New cables installed and old netting removed. Thanks to members!

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SEP Workshop in Quesnel


May 20th 2017 

Members attended the weekend conference and networked with many hatchery groups and other "fishy folk".   Workshops were excellent and much information was collected.   A side trip to Bakerville on Sunday.

May Day Parade

May 13 2017

The day began with showers.  By parade time the sun was shining and another great event.  Thank you to the members and students who came out to set up and walk in the parade.

Predator Netting

May 11 2017

Predator netting project is underway. Members are currently replacing cables. 

(Left) Mitch, Shane, Gert, Cameron and Andy

April 22nd 2017 - Open House & Salmon Release - see Salmon Release page for photos.

Central School Release


April 19th 2017

7000 Chum Fry release by the Grade 4/5 students from Central School (Mr. Huston and Mr. Exley's classes) who came out for a tour and volunteered to move the chum from our trough tanks into Hyde Creek.  Congratulations for a job well done.  

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Coho Fish Weigh

April 8 2017

Second fish weigh of Coho in pond. Average weight of 17.92 grams. Saturday visitors help feed the "new" coho who are weighing in at 0.7123 grams. 


Chum "Ponding"

April 1 2017

Members "ponded" chum salmon from the hatchery egg room into the trough tank.  It's a slow process as the salmon move from their incubation tray.    Lots of rain in March and creek work is necessary. 

(Left) Mitch and Gert replacing sand bags.

Maurice Retirement


March 31st 2017

Maurice Coulter-Boisvert,  DFO Community Advisor, retirement.  Maurice was with DFO for 38 years, and was an integral part in assisting us as Hyde Creek Streamkeepers and then as Hyde Creek Watershed Society.  We're all hoping Maurice will find time in his retirement to keep an eye on our hatchery.

Winter Madness

January/February/March 2017

Winter months were pretty but lots of extra work for members

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Coho Fish Weighing

February 18th 2017

Members weighed coho from the pond.  Average weight of fish is 15.402 grams.  In the egg room the Chum and Coho eggs continue to grow.  Thanks to all the members who monitor the egg process.  Bent Pedersen,  Mitch Rasche,  Mick Hunt,  Ray Melville,  Tara McBryan,  Ian Barrie,  Ed Beye,  Paula Soto,  Bill Christie, Doris Wilcox.

January 7th 2017 - To wind up 2016 members were busy chasing an interloper mallard from our pond.   Twice he managed to sneak in.  More netting repairs solved the problem. 

Tree Trunk Trouble


January 7th 2017

On Sat. 7th a cottonwood tree fell damaging our fence.   Thanks to the members who helped with the clean up work and the temporary fix to the fence.   Gert, Mitch and Ed in photos


2017 - January - Happy New Year to All Our Members and Visitors

2016 - December 17 - HCWS Christmas Party.  Christmas Greetings to all of our members.


2016 - December - HCWS Christmas Tree on display at Hyde Creek Rec Centre on Laurier.  Organized by members Doris and April.  Decorations made by Central School students.   Heavy snow Dec 11 collapsed our tent.  Repairs underway !!!


2016 - November 13 - 17th Annual Hyde Cree Salmon Festival - See Festival Page


2016 - September - December - HCWS has a display at the 2016 Carol Hubbard Natural History museum located at the Port Coquitlam Heritage and Cultural Society, 150 - 2248 McAllister Ave, Port Coquitlam.  Hours are:   M-W - 10:00 to 3:00, Th - 10:00 to 7:00,  Fri - 9:30 to 6:30,  Sat - 9:30 - 5:30.  Stop in and see our beautiful exhibit created by member April Crockett.


2016 - October 29 and November 3 - Brood Stock Take and Egg Take

2016 - October - Classes

Visitors examined chum salmon and observed an egg take.  Thanks to our member instructors.


2016 - October 18 - Chum Take and Egg Take

Members completed the first egg take of the season. Eggs will be incubated for approx. 100 days. 


2016 - October 15 - Chum Take and Trail Work

Members netted the first of the returning Chum salmon.  Member Brent was busy with clearing trail at the Education Centre.


2016 - September 24 - Saturday Work Party and Fish Weigh

Members helped out with the monthly fish weigh (thanks to Mark and Nikki).  Creek work cleanup was undertaken by Mitch, Brad, Gert, Shane and Laurie.   Saturday afternoon at the Poco Heritage Museum April spoke to visitors about the HCWS exhibit.   Exhibit was designed and built by April, fiance Lloyd and April's father Allen.


2016 - September 10 - Walk/hike on Burke Mountain viewing Upper Hyde Creek slide area.


2016 - August 16 - Fish Rescue and Creek Pond Clean Out.   Thanks to City of Port Coquitlam for their yearly dredging of the Creek pond.  Members Ed, Terry, Brad, Gert, Shane, Mick and long time member Al Dolan (Al is 84)  all worked at rescuing coho fry, trout and eels from the creek pond.   Rescued fish were moved safely to our rearing channel while the dredging of the creek took place.   Local creek resident watched with great interest!!


2016 - July 23 - HCWS Anniversary Dinner - members enjoyed a bbq dinner organized by Karin and an incredible cake made by Loana.  Lots of chatter, stories and laughter completed the evening.   We celebrated 15 years as a Society and 20 years since the formation of The Hyde Creek Streamkeepers.


2016 - July 9 - Building wash down of siding and murals was done by members.  

2016 - July 2 - Fish weigh by Terry (Hatchery Manager) shows coho fry in pond averaging 3.12 grams.

2016 - June 12 - HCWS Float attended the City of Coquitlam's Teddy Bear Parade.

2016 - June 11 - Member Linda Dore receives the City of CoquitlamLifetime Achievement Award at the City's Environmental Evening.  Congrats to Linda.

2016 - June 11 - Coho fry release into upper Burke Mountain Creeks.

2016 - June 8 - City of Port Coquitlam cleans out our rearing pond and rearing channel  "sludge". 

2016 - June 4 - Pond Clean Out - Members rescued fry from the rearing channel and the rearing pond.  Outside tent got a good pressure wash, along with the rearing pond.  Thanks to everyone who came out to help.

2016 - June 4 - Alexis joins HCWS as a Youth Member.  Alexis frequently visited our Education Centre with her Grandpa (late Garry Tite) a long time member.


2016 - May 12 & 14 - Low water levels in Hyde Creek dictated that this year's smolts be transported to deeper pools on Cedar Drive.  RBC Volunteers came out to help our members. 

2016 - May 7 - Port Coquitlam May Day Parade


2016 - May 5 - Members (Ed, Brad, Mick, Terry & Shane) moved remaining Chum fry from the hatchery,  by truck and tank, and released them into deeper pools by Cedar Drive and Hyde Creek.  Another dry spring is already showing many dry areas in Hyde Creek so releases by the hatchery are not possible.


2016 - May 4 - At our AGM the Society awarded Linda Dore with a Life Time Member (20 Year) Certificate.  Linda is also a Founding Member of the Hyde Creek Streamkeepers, which evolved into our present Hyde Creek Watershed Society. 


2016 - April 23 - HCWS Open House & Salmon Release - see Salmon Release page.

2016 - April 14 - Hope Lutheran School Grades 4/5 students volunteered a community work day with us.   They removed many bags of invasive plants along Hyde Creek.   Big thank you to these hard working neighbours.


2016 - April 14 - Congratulations to member Shane Peachman on receiving the Port Coquitlam's Environmental Protection & Enhancement Award.  Members Linda Dore, April Crockett, Marianne Wotherspoon, Jean Peachman .


2016 - April - Donation of a beautiful quilt made by students at French Creek School, Vancouver Island (now closed) was received by HCWS from teacher Jennifer Nichols.  


2016 - April 6 - Salmon have all been moved from the egg room into the trough tanks.  4,895 chum and 19,500 coho.

March 27th 2016 - Coho were weighed again with average of 16.93 grams.  Thanks to our members for looking after the hatchery projects.

March 2016 - Members are working in the egg room, looking after the incubating eggs, and moving the new fry into tank troughs.

February 2016 - Coho from the outside rearing pond were weighed and average 13.267 grams.

January 2016 - Members continue to monitor and care for last year's fry who reside in the outside rearing pond.  As well as work on egg picking for the 2015 egg stock.

December 2015 - Egg Picking -After eyeing,  the incubated eggs are monitored.  Dead eggs are removed from the trays during December, January, February.


Long time member, Garry Tite passed away Oct 8. 2014   Members will miss him, and send condolences to wife Lynn, and son Troy who are also HCWS members.








2014 - August - Hatchery Manager Nigel Butterfield

Members mourn the loss of our Hatchery Manager, Nigel who passed away at the end of August. He will be greatly missed.






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