Hatchery Tour - Primary Version

Students will gain a basic understanding of the role of hatcheries in helping salmon. The tour consists of a tour of the Hyde Creek Hatchery and its role in protecting and feeding salmon in a protected environment to help support the numbers of salmon in the system.


Hatchery Tour - Intermediate Version

This tour includes a tour of the Hyde Creek Hatchery as well as its role in sustaining salmon numbers within the Hyde Creek Watershed. We will cover the stages in a salmon's life cycle and how each stage has specific needs and is vulnerable to disruption and mortality and how each stage in the salmon life cycle relies on parts of the aquatic ecosystem in which they live. Students should already know the life cycle of salmon.


Bug Expedition

Come observe, magnify, and identify all the creepy-crawlies inhabiting your local streams. This program explores what salmon eat - and how these insects indicate the overall health of a stream or watershed.


Storm Drain Marking

What do the yellow fish on storm drains mean?

Come out with your group and help us identify unmarked storm drains. You can choose a location close to your school or home. Easy walking for all ages.

Volunteer certificates are issued for each member of the group. Weather permitting.


Healthy Watershed

Find out what makes a watershed healthy !! How do you measure a creek's blood-pressure? When do you know about its clogged arteries? What effect does its temperature have on a stream's health? You'll learn the effect of urban living on our creeks and streams. An interactive watershed model, with student participation, is used during this session to provide an actual demon-stration of where we live in the Hyde Creek Watershed. Program runs about 30 minutes.


The Hyde Creek Watershed Society complements the DFO's Salmonids in the Classroom curriculum by offering enhanced and hands on programs at the Hyde Creek Education Centre and Hatchery. The Education Centre provides a free, accessible facility that allows students to further expand their knowledge of salmon and their habitats in the field. At appropriate times students can participate in fry release and other activities.


We welcome tours and education classes, so to enquire about or to arrange one, you may either:

  • Send us an email and we will respond quickly   or

  • Phone (604) 461-FISH and leave a message with contact details

Please Note:

  • Donations are always gratefully accepted in support of the totally volunteer run Hyde Creek Education Centre & Hatchery. A suggested donation is $1 - $2 per person.

  • If you are anticipating 30 people or more attending, please let us know and we will work with your group to ensure a positive experience for all.

  • Parking may be found at the following locations:

  1. Lincoln Drive (North-East of Coast Meridian)

  2. Laurier Avenue (East of Coast Meridian)

  3. Hyde Creek Recreation Centre on Laurier Ave -  then a short walk (west) along PoCo trail to the Education Centre & Hatchery

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